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Argus in Action
– Sample U.S. Case Studies –

Health Insurance Claim/Billing: 
An out-of-network facility charges $6,701.50 for an emergency room visit

Reduced Medical Cost:
A detailed medical claim review shows that certain charges are not allowable since they were supposed to be bundled services and also reveals that the hospital billed 803% of the amount CMS would pay. ARGUS Claim Review steps in and negotiates $5,219.74 in savings.

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About Argus

Groundbreaking Claims Management Services
Named after Greek Mythology's 100-eyed guardian who never sleeps, Argus Claim Review is a groundbreaking system introduced in 2002 that is constantly on the lookout for medical coding and billing errors and vigilant in its efforts to catch and correct them. We serve clients across the U.S. – from California to New York to Texas and Florida.

Trained Medical Billing Specialists
Wisconsin-based Argus Claim Review is anchored by a team that knows exactly what to look for when analyzing your medical claims. Our staff goes through extensive training to become familiar with CPT, HCPCS and ICD-9 coding processes as well as AMA, Medicare, Medicaid and other industry guidelines.

Consider our medical billing specialists an extension of your staff – they work with facilities and providers to negotiate healthcare claim charges and discounts to reduce your company’s medical costs.